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131 Inch Congrats Deluxe Airloonz Foil Mylar Balloon

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UPC: 026635444927
The 131 Inch Congrats Deluxe Airloonz Foil Mylar Balloon is the perfect decoration for your congratulations or graduation party. This balloon stands 131 inches high when fully inflated and is designed to be inflated with air only, so no helium is required. It comes with a color matching set of foil mylar balloons that create a sturdy base for the main balloon to stand upright. The balloon has two inflation points, one in the top part and one in the base, and can be inflated using a balloon air inflator or a hand pump. An elastic strap is included for easy placement, and you can stabilize the balloon with a balloon weight or any household item. The balloon also features self-sealing valves to prevent the gas from escaping after inflation. Please note that the balloon arrives un-inflated.
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